My shoplifting story

Let it be known that shoplifting is not that easy. Okay? K anywho.

So I go get nachos at a near by has station close to my house. I decided to go to albertsons because I was bored okay? So I immediately go to the make up isle and pick 2 things. Rip the tags off and started to walk out the store when this guy came up and said walk inside and this lady led us to the back.

When I headed back I was just thinking “shit I’m screwed fuck fuck fuck” stuff like that. I was having a panic attack.

While we were walking up the stairs the guys like take your hands out if your pockets and me having gym shorts on I was kinda angry because I like my hands in my pockets. Anyways.. In the back room he gets my information and shit and starts talking to me and stuff and I accidently put my hands in my pocket and he yells at me again.

"You might have a knife."

Anyways so we talk blah blah blah calls my father he comes I get in trouble the cop comes talks to me and security guy. Blah blah blah.

Now I have to wait for a court date and I really hope I dont end up on probation.